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No One Survived - version update instructions

Original von Steam


  • Upgrade Engine Version(If the terrain disappears after the update, please reset the image quality)
  • Upgrade DLLS3.5
  • New storage system:
    Sorry, the previous version of the save cannot be used. If you want to continue playing the previous save, you can switch the game branch to version 0.05.1 (the dedicated server is also version 0.05.1)

    We strongly recommend opening a new archive game

  • Add a highlighted stroke display for the selected building
  • The shoulder light can now be disassembled
  • Added territory table protection range, corpse tide will not refresh within the territory table protection range
  • A brand new 64 square kilometer map (we will add more new points and gameplay to this map in the future)


  • Optimized network replication bandwidth consumption
  • Optimize the dedicated server configuration so that the server configuration will not be overwritten after updating (and there is a new dedicated server deployment instruction)
  • After the zombie is picked up, the corpse will not disappear now

Bug fix:

  • Fix the difficulty setting error in client display under dedicated server
  • Fixed sound effect error when shooting by bandits
  • Fix unlocking sound effect error

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