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No One Survived - Update Description


Merchants turn on lights at night

Added many items to the new map to randomly generate points

For non permanent death mode, adding a death penalty may randomly reduce one skill's experience

Death and exiting the game will not make the zombie tide disappear

After the resurrection of death, it is no longer in a state of full resurrection

Updated translation

The prices of merchants have become higher

Reduced the value of bullets


Turn off the transition of tree LOD switching, which will solve the problem of sudden disappearance of trees

Optimize the construction of outdoor stairs

Optimizing Tree Falling Physics

AI navigation path optimization for better performance savings

Bug fix:

Fix dedicated servers not generating zombies

Repair construction hammer unable to identify underwater buildings

Repairing planting boxes that cannot be planted with plants

Fix bacon rack meat not displaying

Fix a zombie slide

Fix the first time the client loads the tree out of sync

Fixed a red skin color issue during the character creation phase

Repairing animals attacking vehicles without causing any damage

Fix that the shoulder light display model will not be removed during death

Repairing the inability of farmed animals to grow

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