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No One Survived - Update Description


Updated the latest translation files

Added the latest translation Thank you list (thank you very much for helping us translate!)

Fsr2.2 has been re integrated, which will greatly improve the performance of graphics cards that do not support DLSS. We recommend opening it

Reduced the density of zombies in the city

Now allow the skin of the new character to have more gloss

An alarm mechanism has been added. In some areas, it is possible to trigger an alarm when encountering an intrusion

Added a vehicle alarm mechanism, which has the chance to trigger a vehicle alarm when searching for a vehicle


Changed the size of the corner stair

The vehicle has been optimized and adjusted. Now the vehicle has better power

Bug repair:

Repair if you are not good at fighting, you will not gain any weapon experience

Fix that sitting on a chair and using interactive items will get stuck without collision

Fix in multiplayer mode, businessmen don't turn on the lights

Repair in the client, the car appears for the first time, and the life state is not synchronized (smoke particles and car front cover)

The ore in the repaired mine cave disappears

Fix some errors on the map

Repair of physical deformation of miner's Zombie

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