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SCUM - Development update #70

Original von Steam

Hello everyone, hope you are all good. you might be wondering why there was no Dev update yesterday. Well the answer is simple and good news. We've been working so much that it had to be a bit late. So check out what the team has been up to.

  • Replication graph.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Implementing flamethrower functionality.
  • Code review.
  • Server profiling.
  • Server optimizations.
  • Working on crafting rework.
  • Resolving server issues.
  • Implemented tutorial system.
  • Improving vehicle physics.
  • Optimizing encounter manager.

  • Texture optimization.
  • Furniture optimization.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Collision optimization.

  • Working on new trailer.
  • Bugfixing.
  • New concept art.
  • Working on new UI assets.
  • Working on vehicle damage visuals.
  • Working on pickup truck low poly.
  • Working on flamethrower animations.
  • Working on new items.

  • Working on new horde audio.
  • Bugfixing.

  • Hunting and banning cheaters.
  • Ban appeals.
  • Steam general discussion and bug reports.
  • Performance benchmarking and optimization testing.
  • Testing of upcoming features.
  • Various bug reports.

  • Setting up new items.
  • Porting crafting recipes to the new system.
  • Working on tutorials.

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