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No One Survived - Update Description


  • New character traits icon (thanks to Wel for creating the icon)
  • Added a button to turn off automatic saving in the control settings
  • Add a custom setting for one day's duration, with a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 120 minutes (add the DayLength=45 parameter in the server settings, only allowing 45, 90120)
  • Added a sustained buff to adrenaline


  • If the alarm is triggered, the randomly generated zombie distance will be adjusted further
  • Optimized the UI of the workbench to make the text display more comprehensive
  • Fix the floating small stones on the old map
  • Optimization of first person firearms and weapons for hand movements such as threading, stuttering, convulsions, and mismatched hand positions

Bug fix:

  • Fix a crash caused by array out of bounds during loading
  • Repairing NPC houses does not require construction and will also take effect in the management center
  • Repair the missing broken body of the door
  • Fix the material error of the cowboy hat
  • Fix some errors on the map
  • Fix the issue of excessive memory usage in the new map
  • Fixed hand disappearance caused by picking up gloves in first person mode on the client side

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