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Night of the Dead - Alpha Hotfix #072

If you encounter problems such as game crashes after the update, please check our general solutions first.

[Game System]- Graphics settings have been changed.
Added 'DLSS' to antialiasing techniques.
Changed the default setting for Global Illumination to 'None'.
Please reset your graphics settings as the settings have changed. (This may cause unexpected problems).
If you are unable to reset the settings for any reason, please delete the 'Settings' folder from the path below.

- The lobby feature in multiplayer has been removed.
It is no longer possible for other users to join from the New Game or Change Difficulty screen.
The UI of the lobby has been changed accordingly.
- Changed so that you cannot run while reloading a equipment.

[Animation]- Changed rotating in place animation.
- Added an animation for swapping equipment.
The time it takes to swap equipment is the same as before.

[Bug Fixed]- Fixed that some ranged traps were not working correctly.
- Fixed that footsteps would play twice when some equipment was equipped.
- Fixed that the battery's charged power would decrease even if there were no players on the dedicated server.
- Fixed that drones could not repair some buildings.
- Fixed that players could progress quests to obtain card keys for dungeons in Eastern Grassland and Desert Area even if their inventory was full.
- Fixed that the quest to possess a card key would not complete in certain situations.
- Fixed blown away zombies that dead by shredder.
- Fixed that the earliest respawn point would change to a different location.
- Fixed that characters and zombies' heads would glittering in some situations.
- Fixed that some equipment would not decreased performance when its durability was reduced.
- Fixed that bullet and arrow effects playing in the wrong place for client players.
- Fixed that the FX of debuffs that need to play for a certain amount of time would stop.
- Fixed that a crash when certain characters connect in multiplayer.
- Fixed some crashes.

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