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No One Survived - 0.06.6 Update Description

Wishing everyone a happy holiday!

Thank you very much for your support this year.


  • Added the appearance of snowmen in winter merchant cabins

New Christmas special items added

New Guardian Merchant Task

Added a zombie killing reward system, where after obtaining enough killing rewards, items can be exchanged at merchants (proof of killing items can now be obtained after killing zombies)

Add many new furniture items

Clothing display rack

Weapon display rack (guns and melee weapons)

New wall lamp

New freezer

Increased fuel consumption of pickup trucks

New weapons

Joining the fishing system

Add the bunker to the map

  • When adding precise aiming, blur around the screen


  • Limited the maximum number of animals generated over time
  • Boarding in first person, getting off in first person
  • Reduce some sinking damage

Bug fix:

  • Fix brick wall, triangular structure material error
  • Repairing the stone foundation will cause vehicles to sink in
  • Fix the issue of increased skill proficiency in displaying Chinese on dedicated servers when switching languages
  • Fix food and hand threading during first person eating
  • Fix the new map mine hole, and when it goes online, explosive ores will appear
  • Repairing NPC houses with damp interior on rainy days
  • Fix the loot regeneration error in the new system
  • Fixed a chance of getting stuck in a movable state when using the workbench while lying down
  • Fixed a large number of errors on the map
  • After removing materials, the repair workbench can also gain experience in manufacturing items

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