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No One Survived Update Description

Original von Steam


  • One click picking and searching for items in the cabinet
  • Automatic restart and update mechanism for newly added servers
  • New startup icon
  • New voice system added (default press Y to speak)
  • Extended cement staircase
  • The virus infection will slowly recover over time
  • New item drag sound effect, different materials of items have different drag sound effects
  • Translation file update
  • Add Chinese merchants
  • A New Ancient Chinese Bow
  • Dragon Year Skin G18 Pistol
  • Add dumpling food
  • Add Spring Festival lanterns
  • Add searchlights
  • Add wind turbines
  • Add night vision device (press T to turn on)
  • Add scent bait (which can attract zombies)
  • Increase armor piercing, explosion, odor, combustion, lighting arrows


  1. Optimize player ID to follow camera
  2. Optimized the physical performance of zombies at the time of death for greater impact
  3. Optimized the smoothness of dedicated servers and addressed the issue of loading lag
  4. Reduce the health of NPC management center and territory table
  5. Optimize the UI display of materials for creating items on the workbench
  6. Added materials required for skin weapon exchange

Bug fix:

  • Repair the inability to dismantle the system building during the construction of a building that is stuck
  • Fix that repeatedly dragging items on the workbench under high latency can cause the game to freeze
  • Fix gender errors in sheep when placed in animal husbandry
  • Fix errors on the map
  • Repairing bandit camp supplies without refreshing
  • Fix that tree data will not be saved when saving the archive for the first time

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